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Wedding Logo Invitation

Wedding Logo

The main highlight of this invitation is the intricate header section which displays a monogram of the couple’s names and the wedding date. The body section is perfect canvas for more extravagant fonts because of the simplicity of the overall look. This invitation is in classic black and white. A variation is also available where the bottom border is removed.

Size: 5″ x 7″ (w x h)

Font used on sample: Baskerville Old Face (installed on most systems)

Printable invitation template with wedding monogram header

Logo1 - Wedding Logo Invitation Template
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Other Variations. Click on images to download template:


(Total Downloads: 2792)

(Black without border.)



(Total Downloads: 3632)

(Cream without border.)


  • Chrisie

    I really love this invite and am planning on using it for my wedding. I downloaded a font to make it a little different. However, now that I am ready to print it, I am having touble. I can’t find a way to get a little cross off the top of the invite when it prints. Any advice?

    • Michelle

      Please adjust the font size. You’re using too large fonts or entering too many texts that’s why you’re seeing the + sign on the PDF. Also, make sure there is no extra white space at the bottom.

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