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Watercolor Splash Wedding Invitation and RSVP

Good day! I’m back from a month-long hiatus! June marks the start of school season in the Philippines and we’ve been busy with preparations. We also had family trips, thus there was absolutely no chance to work on new templates.

Last night, I stole a few hours to do a couple of templates and today I present it to you. I call it watercolor splash for lack of imagination on a clever title to name it. This wedding invitation and RSVP set looks deceivingly simple but it exudes elegance, specially if they’re printed on textured paper. I also love the bold and happy colors! Download your copies now.

Credits: Watercolor Designed by Freepik, Template developed by Printable Invitation Kits

Watercolor Wedding Invitation and RSVP

About This Template

Invitation Size: 5″ x 7″ (h x w)
RSVP Size: 5″ x 3.5″ (h x w)
Fonts used: Nunito, Watermelon Script
Envelope: A7 Standard
Text Color: Purple and Pink

Watercolor Splash
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