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Vintage Lacework Printable Invitation Templates

Lacework Wedding Invitation

I received an email from Maile asking if I could create a vintage wedding invitation design with black open lace work along the borders. I found several beautiful vector designs and used them to create this Vintage Lacework series.

Lacework wedding invitation templates

Font used: Kontiki Enchanted (make sure you’re downloading a TTF file.)

For customization requests, please indicate which template you wanted revised; e.g. Lacework 1, Lacework 2, or Lacework 3. These designs are in black, but they can be customized to any color. Please fill up the Customization form and I will get back to you shortly.

Size: 5″ x 7″ (w x h)

Please click on thumbnails below to download the templates.

Vintage Lace Work 1:

Vintage Lacework 1

(Total Downloads: 2090)

Vintage Lace Work 2:

Vintage Lacework 2

(Total Downloads: 2090)

Vintage Lace Work 3:

Vintage Lacework 3

(Total Downloads: 1777)



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