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Things You’ll Need to Create Your DIY Wedding Invitation

  1. Adobe PDF Reader – You’ll need this to replace the dummy event details on the templates with your own. If you don’t have it installed on your system yet, you can download the latest Adobe PDF Reader here. It’s free.
  2. Please see How to Edit the Templates’ Placeholder Texts.

  3. Paper – The type of paper best used for invitations are cardstocks, also called cover paper. This paper is thicker than those we normally use as printer paper at the office or at home. I personally like those in the 80-110 lb weight for invitations because they are not too flimsy and not too thick either. We want our invitations to be sturdy, not easily wrinkled, but not too bulky that will cost an extra stamp at the post office.
  4. Please see List of Paper Suppliers.

  5. Printer – I am using Canon Pixma MP250 and all printed invitation samples you see on the website are printed with it. I presume all printers work well with the design templates. I suggest to print a sample so you can check how your printer render the colors and to also determine if your printer is up for the job. If you think your printer won’t do, maybe you can borrow from a friend or perhaps you’ll decide to invest on a new printer.
  6. Here are some Printers at

  7. Paper Trimmer – The downloadable templates have cutting lines on them to guide you where exactly to cut. I find that the best trimmers to use are the 12” rotary and guillotine cutters because you just position the paper and cut with one stroke.
  8. Check out these Paper Trimmers sold at

  9. Envelopes – Paper suppliers also offer lots of envelopes in variable sizes you’ll need to send your invitations. They even have envelopes that match their paper collections. When you go and shop for your paper, look for envelopes as well.
  10. Stamps – To mail your invites, of course. My suggestion is to visit the post office first and have an assembled invitation weighed to determine how many stamps you would need to send them. We don’t want the invites to be sent back for insufficient stamp. One cool way to send your invitations is to use a customized stamp, like a photo of you and your fiance. I’m sure recipients will be very impressed. You can get your custom stamps from these companies in very affordable prices. Don’t worry, they are approved and licensed by the USPS.
  11. Embellishments (Optional) – All PIK designs are ready to send once printed and assembled in envelopes, but to those brides who want to add more embellishments to their invitations, here are the things I think you would be using most:
    • Adhesives
    • Ribbons
    • Stamps and ink pads
    • Beads
    • Flowers

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