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The Big Five-O 50th Birthday Invitation

Here is the second 50th birthday invitation template I did and this one’s more for the male gender.

I’m re-posting these fabulous 50th birthday party ideas here as y’all may find it useful:

  • The Younger You – Everyone will love seeing you when you were still young and innocent. Dig up those baby photos (naked baby photos!) and those would surely be a huge hit. Print them up and post them on the wall as birthday decor.
  • 50 Fun Facts – If  you’re planning a 50th Birthday party for someone, it would be entertaining to make a list of 50 Fun Facts about that special person.
  • 50 Reasons Why We Love… – This would be a heart-warming activity for the birthday celebrant. Ask friends and family to come up a list.
  • Go for the Gold – Since this is the Golden milestone, ask everyone to wear something gold. It would also be fun to prepare a prize for the person who wore the most gold.
  • Bucket List – It would be fun to break the guests into groups and have them prepare a list of things/activities they want to do before they die. It would be an entertaining discussion on how to accomplish the list. Pick the 50 best activities and give to celebrant.

The Big Five-O Birthday Invitation:

About This Template

Finish Size: 5″ x 7″ (w x h)
Fonts used: Perpetua (texts), P22 Imperial Script (names)
Envelope: A7 Standard
Text Color: Gray | Gold R: 244, G: 182, B: 0
Template prints 2 invitations per 8.5″ x 11″ sheets.

Big Five O Birthday Invitation
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