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Printable Invitation Kits started as a hobby until one day I had a brilliant idea to share my invitations through the internet. It started as a blog in Blogspot and then I had  another brilliant idea to transfer it to its own hosted WordPress platform as a pretty and “professional”-looking website. I am happy with the new site because I think it greatly improved my visitors’ experience at browsing and downloading the templates.

I love managing my site and it gives me much joy receiving positive feedback from brides. However, unlike the original Blogspot site where hosting is free, I now have recurring hosting fees that I need to maintain to be able to keep Printable Invitation Kits up and running. And for this reason I implore your support.

Here are a few things you can do to support us:

  1. Support our Sponsors – I understand not all sponsor is a perfect fit for each of our readers, but if you see a business featured that interest you, please take a second to look at their stuff.  They may have something you need. :)
  2. Spread the word about PIK – Traffic is invaluable. Please share PIK posts you like in Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. If anybody asks about your fabulous invitation, let them know about the site, too. If you have friends who are getting married soon, they may find their invitations from our collection as you did.
  3. Buy from PIK links – If you’re planning to buy paper or custom postage stamps or printer or trimmer from Amazon, I’d deeply appreciate it if you buy from my link. It has my affiliate ID on it and I get a small commission from your purchases.  In Amazon, I could get a commission percentage regardless of what you buy as long as you click from my Amazon links and then browse for the item you wish to buy. I have a banner on my sidebar (Amazon Wedding Registry) if you’re planning to buy an item now. :)

Thank you. The little things you can do for PIK counts a lot to keep PIK running and to continue providing our friends with free invitation templates. And if you wish to send me a gift on any occasion, I am most happy with paper, scrapbooking materials, books or cute little graphics I can transform into an invitation. A donation of monetary value is deeply appreciated, too. :) I have a Paypal donation widget on my Donate page found HERE. (Yeah, I’m shameless).



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