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Romantic Woods Fall Wedding Invitation

I know it has been slow here lately. A series of sickness, a birthday to prepare and everyday life does that to a blog. But now I’m back with this new template for fall events. Love this heart shaped silhouette of fall trees which I’m calling Romantic Woods. And I know I was never creative with names and titles for anything in this blog. :)

To download, just click on the button below. The template is formatted to work with Adobe Reader so if you’re using a third party PDF Reader or on Mac and only have Preview, this template and any other template from the site won’t work properly. Please download and install Adobe Reader. It is safe to use and free.

I can also customize any template from the site. Please drop me a note and we’ll discuss your project. :)


Credits: Tree Graphics Designed by Freepik, Template developed by Printable Invitation Kits

Romantic Woods Trees Fall Wedding Invitation

About This Template

Invitation Size: 5″ x 7″ (w x h)
Fonts used: Nunito, Watermelon Script
Envelope: A7 Standard
Text Color: Brown

Romantic Woods 2017
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