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Pressed Leaves Invitation and RSVP Free PDF Templates

Hi! I apologize for being MIA for several weeks. After a couple of out-of-town trips, series of flu attacks in all members of my little family, and a birthday to prepare and celebrate, I simply didn’t have the energy to be creative. But, better late than never, right? I finally had the time and energy to design a brand new invitation and RSVP set that I’m very excited about.

This new design I call Pressed Leaves has a clean, minimalistic aesthetics which I find calm and soothing to look at. I started with several leaves on the canvas but I was not in the mood for an overly-designed look and scratched off most of the tree branches that I scattered on the page and replaced them with a few specks of single leaves. I left a couple of branches on the left borders enough to frame the page and set the “scattering leaf” mood I was aiming at.

This artwork would make a nice invitation for an understated formal, spring and/or garden wedding. This would also suit nature loving couples who want to incorporate some greens in their wedding. I might make a fall version of this design and use yellowing autumn leaves, we’ll see. As it is, these templates will make a professional, well-designed invitation and response cards that any bride would not be ashamed to hand out to guests.

To download this set, please click on the buttons below. You will get a zipped file that contains the templates and a basic instruction manual to get you going. The fonts are already embedded on the files and would not be altered if you edit the sample wordings.

Hope you’ll enjoy using these templates!


Pressed leaves wedding invitation and RSVP PDF templates

Credits: Leaves Designed by Freepik

About This Template

Invitation Size: 5″ x 7″ (w x h)
Fonts used: Mongolian Baiti, Burgues Script (embedded in PDF)
Envelope: A7 Standard
Text Color: Black
Invitation template prints 2 invitations per 8.5″ x 11″ sheet.

Pressed Leaves Invitation and RSVP
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