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Paper for Invitations: Specialty Papers Plus

Because you’re browsing Printing Invitation Kits for beautiful invitation designs, you are certainly planning a wedding or a party or an event. We make it easy for you with our easily customizable templates – just edit the wordings, print and trim, send! Piece of cake. And your friends will be impressed with the designs as well.

Now, after reading this guideline on How to Choose the Best Paper, you are probably thinking of where to get the best paper to use for your invitations that will  maximize the wow impact.

Online stores carry more variety for buyers to choose from. The downside is of course, we can’t check the papers first-hand before buying. Printable Invitation Kits will help in this regard by reviewing papers from online retailers and this article will review Specialty Papers Plus.


Specialty Papers Plus is a relatively less known gem of a paper supplier that I am very happy to feature. I believe they are one of the best suppliers out there which will give more for our money. They carry beautiful beautiful papers in their stocks – I’m in love with their metallic papers – more of this in the article. They make it possible for everyone to get wholesale pricing for their specialty paper by packing more papers in their stacks at a reasonable price. Customers get 25 sheets per pack at a more discounted rates compared to the 10 sheets per pack from Paper-Source.com.  They also offer quantity pricing – the more you buy, the more you save.

PRICING – Starts at $1.94 per pack with 25 sheets

  • The solid colors, medium weight cardstock (65#) is only $1.94 per pack with 25 sheets per pack. Similar kind of paper is $3 at Paper-Source.com with only 10 sheets per pack. Specialty Paper Plus will give you more for your money.
  • The solid colors, heavy-weight cardstock (100 #) is only $4.19 per pack  with 25 sheets per pack.
  • Metallics starts at $5.99 per pack – check out Poison Ivy. Metallics range from 89# to 111#, quite thick and sturdy.
  • Parchment papers are $2.18 per pack, 25 sheets of 65# paper.
  • Pearlescent papers (perfect for invitations, flyers, scrapbooking) starts at $6.37 per pack, 25 sheets of 105# beautiful, shimmery papers. Thick and sturdy.
  • Translucents – $9.95 – $26.95


Specialty Papers Plus will include 50 sheets free Aged 65 lb. Cover with your order!


Shipping is only $3.99 for orders over $27. $4.90 flat rate for orders below $27. This is $3 less than the shipping rate of Paper-Source.com.


I like the metallic/pearlescent line from Specialty Papers Plus. They are laser-free and will work well with most home printers because the ink would really stick to the paper, unlike most shimmery paper where the print will rub off and flake. These are really good quality papers and is evident when you get hold of them. Please review the photos and video of the metallic and pearlescent papers we made available for you. In the photos, the paper samples are shot with a regular white copy paper as background so to compare the color difference. These are shot at my living room with fluorescent light for illumination.


Specialty Papers Plus

Metallic papers from Specialty Papers Plus – Click to Enlarge

* Photos are uploaded at our Facebook Page. View the album HERE.

*We only featured the white, cream and gold colors because we think that is the most useful paper for printing invitations.


They carry almost all colors for your needs. They offer a lot of variety and color options to choose from. For brides who are looking for papers to match their color themes, just browse their collections and I am sure Specialty Papers Plus have it.


If there’s a paper you particularly have in mind, or just have clarifications/questions, do not hesitate to Contact them. I got a speedy reply for my email inquiry and they are really very helpful.

For speedy assistance, call them at (916) 363-9411.


Please head to Specialty Papers Plus to review their papers and offerings. Chances are, they will have what you need.


Other than samples of their papers from Specialty Papers Plus, I did not receive any form of payment to do this review.











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