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One for Iligan

Dear Friends,

I am writing today to humbly ask you for a favor. Writing has never been my strength and this is hardly an appropriate topic to be posted on a wedding site, but this is the least I could do for the people in the small village of Bayug, Iligan City, Philippines, who were obliterated by a flash flood caused by the typhoon Sendong. I only wish to tell you their story, their pleas, their unspoken call for your compassion and help. I ultimately hope that this would touch your hearts and that you will extend your compassions to the people who are left with nothing in this season meant to be celebrated with families.

I was born and raised in the small city of Iligan City, Philippines. This town is composed of villages we call baranggays. Before dawn on December 17, a flash flood obliterated the baranggay of Bayug, a baranggay located at the foot of the Iligan River,leaving destruction and misery behind its wake. Flash floods by its nature come without warning – fast and sudden. Because it is dawn, the people are asleep in their beds, and when the floods came, they are taken by surprise and helpless. Many died in their sleep. Most drowned in the powerful rush of dark water.

I am personally affected by this tragedy. My husband’s cousin, Ate Riza and her family, including an infant baby lived in that area. She and her family except Micay, 7, perished in the flood. I cannot imagine how this 7 year old little girl survived. I cannot imagine the pain, confusion and trauma she must be feeling. At her early age, she’s questioning God, asking if this was a punishment for anything her family might have done. She is at my in-laws’ house now, being comforted by seminaries from church. I do not know if this kind of thing is consoleable. I don’t know how this painful trauma will affect the overall markup of this little kid, who’s short life is literally turned upside down by this tragedy.

There are 153 confirmed dead, hundreds missing and thousands left with nothing. Being away, I keep track of the news through Facebook and social media sites. My heart goes out to a photo of a father, holding his dead daughter in his arms. After that, I stopped looking at any photos.

I greatly believe in the power of prayers and I ask to please include the victims in yours. Let us also take this incident as a reminder that life is precious, that we should value our families and be grateful for small blessings.

In behalf of the people of Iligan, I humbly request your help. The Iligan Bloggers’ Society is rallying to raise funds to support the victims of typhoon Sendong. Thousands of people lack basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. If you have extra blessings to spare, please consider donating via Paypal. The details are on the link below:

US $1 can go a long way. It is equivalent to 42 pesos which could buy an underwear for 3 people or a whole day’s meal for 1 person.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. God bless you.

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