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Oak Wedding Invitation

Oak Printable Invitation Template

This invitation with couple under a majestic oak tree is a nice theme for a country wedding. Being wed under an oak tree is ideally perfect and very meaningful as the oak tree is believed to be the most powerful of trees and symbolizes courage and strength.

In ancient times, the Romans conceived that oak trees were responsible for attracting lightning. So they associated it to Jupiter, the sky God, and Juno, the Goddess of Marriage and the wife of Jupiter. So this tree is symbolic of fulfillment and conjugal fidelity. (from

Size: 7″ x 5″ (w x h)

Fonts Used on sample: Franklin Gothic (texts), Forelle (names)

Oak tree printable wedding invitation

Oak Tree Wedding Invitation
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Available RSVP template in 5″ x 3.5″ (w x h). Click on thumbnail:

Oak Tree Wedding Invitation - RSVP Template

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  • http://OakWeddingInvitation Melissa Stafford

    Would it be possible to get a reply/R.S.V.P card that has the same picture on it but smaller size like a postcard (size 3.5″ x 5″). Maybe so we could get four cards on a sheet of computer card stock paper?
    I would like it to say something like:
    We look forward to celebrating with you
    Please reply by August 1, 2011
    Number of persons___________

  • Marie Torres


    Do you have tags with just with the couple with the blue flowers or can I have it? Just the picture so I can make the lables if is not much problem with you.


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