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Oak Tree and Couple Custom Wedding Invitations

oak tree free wedding invitations Oak Tree Wedding Invitations

These custom invitations are for Amanda and Kala. Both requested the couple under an oak tree wedding invitation, but with different changes.

Amanda wanted blue flowers instead of the pinks on the original design. Sorry I can’t make the tree into a weeping willow as you wanted.

For Kala’s invite, I made the bride tanned as she is an African-American bride, marrying a Caucasian.

Best wishes on both of your weddings! :)

Fonts Used:

Sizes: 5″ x 7″

Things to Note:

The wedding invitation templates PDF files are editable using the free Adobe Reader that can be downloaded from For tips on how to edit, please read this post: How to Edit the Templates’ Placeholder Texts.

Print the wedding invitation templates on 8.5? x 11? Cardstock. At this point, there is no other way to print the kit as they are formatted with this paper size in thought. Please Contact Me for any problems you encounter during printing.

Click on images to download the templates:

Oak Tree Wedding Invitation - Brown Skinned Bride
Oak Tree Wedding Invitation - Brown Skinned Bride
(Total Downloads: 3789)

Oak Tree Wedding Invitation - Blue Theme
Oak Tree Wedding Invitation - Blue Theme
(Total Downloads: 3023)


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