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Japan Could Be the Next Destination for Modern Weddings

With casinos possibly opening in the region, couples may want to reconsider Japan

Destination weddings are wonderful affairs that allow couples to enjoy the beauty of foreign lands and make the special occasion even more memorable. With the introduction of cheap air travel and the seemingly global trend of traveling, some places have stood out as popular destination wedding locations. Those who prefer a beach wedding often go for the Caribbean, while those going for something more rustic may choose to go to Lake Placid, and those opting for a more modern feel may even opt to get hitched in Vegas.

Japan casinos for destination weddings

Despite its beauty, Japan has never been a favorite destination wedding spot. Its rich history and diverse culture and traditions often mean that the country is chosen only by those who already have a deep love and understanding of all things Japanese, and with beautiful cherry blossoms and ancient structures, traditional weddings are the norm here. Recent developments may, however, soon set Japan in the sights of those looking for something not just modern, but futuristic.

Having won the bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, Japan has been making headlines as they push for gaming liberalization in time for the event. The introduction of casino resorts in the region could help maximize their profits, as millions of people come to witness the Olympics, and new hotel structures and entertainment complexes could bring in more revenues for the country.

But these new casino resorts, should they ever be constructed, should prove to have a surprising benefit: the revitalization of the country as a destination for modern weddings. As Intercasino explains a blog post, “Live casinos usually have a festive and pretty active atmosphere. This usually keeps the gamblers and the people inside awake,” and this is a stark contrast to the current air of weddings in Japan: solemn and traditional.

One of the biggest proponents for the liberalization of the gaming industry in Japan is MGM Resorts International, who already envisions spending $10 billion on the casino resort they’ll be building on Japanese soil. MGM Resorts International is known for its casinos along the Las Vegas Strip, which includes the ARIA, the most technologically-advanced casino hotel in the world. Such a casino resort would fit right into Japan’s culture – technologically advanced, yet relying on the backbones of traditional services in order to give customers what they need.

At best, new casino resorts in Japan could become a completely new experience for many couples, and the contrast of modern and traditional in the region could very well bring out the best in the couple. At worst, many could see these casino resorts as an extension of Las Vegas, and by tying the knot there, they would be able to get the Las Vegas feel and get their destination wedding, all at the same time.

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