Hi! My name is Michelle and yes, that’s me and my little orange fairy on Halloween 2010. I love designing wedding invitations and I created Printable Invitation Kits in the hopes of aiding brides-to-be who are planning the DIY route for their weddings. DIY invites are creative, unique, personalized and more affordable than those invitations sold in most wedding invitation providers. Creating your own unique wedding invitations is also a fun way to bond with your girlfriends and family, to plan and chat about your wedding. Make it a date, take out the champagne, utilize your working bees a.k.a bridesmaids and catch up with the wedding plans and occasional gossips. It is one of the pleasures of planning a wedding.

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This blog provides printable invitation templates that I designed myself. Just browse the pages and download the PDF and/or JPEG files of the design you like and use it for whatever purpose. They are FREE. No BS, no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive or whatever. :)

Why Free when invitations everywhere else are for sale?

I enjoy the process of designing and I’m happy if others can make use of the designs I make. The site is kept running by what we could earn from the banners and advertisements you see on the top portions of my site. If you’re wondering what you could do to help us, please check out the Support PIK page. And if you’re considering making a donation, I will be happy to use your gift for the site’s maintenance fees. 2 dollars can go a long way for the monthly hosting of the site and it’s certainly just a fraction of what it cost to purchase a commercial invitation. Funds will also be used to purchase graphics and fonts for my invitation designs, to continue providing you with beautiful and free invitation designs.

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My inspirations are invitations I can browse in stores and then make something out of it in Photoshop. I am amazed how doable those invitations we see in stores can be with some imagination and resourcefulness.

About Michelle

I’m a SAHM but I don’t consider myself jobless. I’m first and foremost a wife and mother. I’m also a cook, housemaid, baby sitter, nurse, quack doctor, budget officer, bargain shopper and much more. I love the internet, and during my free time, I dabble in graphic designs and manage my many websites.


  • Carmel

    great bio about you, it’s lovely and personal and my 11 month old is also a hoot when he poos!

    Just want to say THANKYOU so much for your help. Ladies – I’m in Australia trying to plan our joint wedding and 1st birthday for our son in a month and was desperate for an invitation that was appropriate.
    Michelle did everything I needed uber quickly and helped me get through 48 hours that were driving me nuts and I thought I’d never get invites out in time.
    Remember to donate to a lovely lady who gives her time and help so freely. :-)

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